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“Scrooge McDuck Sh*t” Video Shoot a Wrap!

503tv has just wrapped their video shoot of the hit song “Scrooge McDuck Shit” by the Hip Hop duo Tae Boogie & Malik of “Black Rose” featuring a very talented recording artist in Juma Blaq.  The concept of the video is that the three artist are going on various missions in the Portland area in order to secure certain things that they need in order to reach their goals of being successful and having Scrooge McDuck Money.

This video shoot was a lot of fun and featured two local businesses that we’d like to thank. Spirits Pub (4037 NE Cully Blvd) and Jeanopoly Clothing Store (3611 NE Martin Luther King Blvd).  These two Hot Spots opened their doors to our video shoot and helped to really give it that authentic Portland vibe.

We’re excited to debut the video in the near future and hope that we can count on all of our supporters to view it, share it on their social networks and view it again! 🙂

Click HERE to see the finished video.

Juma Blaq Malik Tae Boogie


Video Clip from the Movie “Reggie’s Prayer”

In 1996 Jefferson High School and Portland Oregon was blessed to play host to the filming of the movie Reggie’s Prayer.  Although it never made it to the big screen those of us involved in the film took away many valuable lessons from Reggie White who lived as a devout man of god.

In this particular scene Reggie White is seeing his new school for the first time.  He retired from the NFL in order to teach and coach football at an inner city school that had been plagued with gangs, drugs etc.

Big thanks to the casting director Ms. LeVerne Green for giving us kids an opportunity to be involved with this project.

Rest In Peace to a great man. Reggie White (December 19, 1961 – December 26, 2004).

Fatherhood Series: Ben Mullen


#DaddyActive is 503tv’s new campaign promoting and celebrating active fatherhood in our children’s lives. We encourage everyone to use the hashtag #DaddyActive on social networks to acknowledge positive fatherly activity. We realize that there are absentee fathers in our communities however we’d like to see just as much recognition given to the fathers that are taking care of their responsibilities as the condemnation given to those that don’t.