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1st Annual Daddy Active Family BBQ Recap [Photos]

Last month Krutch from 503tv and Slou hosted the first annual Daddy Active Family BBQ. The event was held at Irving Park in NE Portland. The idea was definitely to celebrate fatherhood but mothers were invited to attend as well. The goal was to shine a light on father’s roles in the family unit while recognizing that family units take on many forms.

The day included food, games, prize giveaways, face painting and a main event which saw each child throw water balloons at their fathers. As this event grows partners/sponsors are always welcome to come on board. For more information email

Pic of The Day: Nike Bike Town

Rent & ride these cool fashionable bikes put out by Nike are for rent all over the inner Portland area. There are a hundred stations and 1000 bikes! These photos were taken on N Russell St. In front of Widmer Brothers Brewing.

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