“IAMGOD” by Mellenium [Album Preview]

We’re doing something a little different today. We’re giving you an album preview as described by the artist himself, Mellenium.
The rap veteran has been putting that work in on this project and he’s ready to share the process with the world.
Let’s go!


The “IAMGOD” album is a project that will not only introduce the world to MELLENIUM it will introduce the people that I work with  producers,creative minds, influencers,videographers,media,fashion directors,models DJ’s, tattoo artists and my over all lifestyle.
Choosing the  musixx was probally one of the hardest things to do on this project since I decided to only put out 11 records and I record on a regular bases so the more I record the more there is to choose from. But whatever doesn’t make this album will still be released at a later date tbd.



The production on this album has come from so many talented producers from so many different places and am excited to work with so many different talented people putting this album together.
The “IAMGOD” is unique in the sense that it doesn’t sound like anything in the industry which is risky since most of the artists choose to sound like whatever is the flav at the moment. I don’t listen to musixxx outside of making musixxx although I hear stuff here and there I am not influenced by the artists that are making musixxx in the industry at this moment which allows me to have my own device.
I describe my musixx as the silver surfer samurai robot space god.🚀
I am already workin on the new MELLENIUM album so there will be new musixx soon after we release the “IAMGOD” album
The new single “SAUNA” should be available
In any outlet you frequent thank you for the love.
Booking info: 1mellenium@gmail.com

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