Local Talent Spotlight: Eark [Interview]

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The focus of this edition of our Local Talent Spotlight series is Hip Hop artist Eark.  His initial offering was a Mixtape entitled Eark Over Everything released last year. With titles like “I’m So Kerby” the kid isn’t bashful about his gang ties. He was born into the life, but his pedigree doesn’t have to determine his trajectory.

I’ve noticed his renewed focus on the music business and I think he’s starting to see the possibilities.

503tv: For those that may not be familiar with you or your “Eark Gang” movement can you give us a little introduction?

Eark: I’m  from Portland Oregon Kerby street to be exact. Eark Gang ain’t no gang we more like ah family, day ones only #EG Everlasting greatness.

503tv: Looks like you’ve joined Mikey Vegaz & Fliboi Moe as the third artist on Pyrex Media. How has working with them helped you as an artist?

Eark: It’s been great working with Mikey Vegas, we dropped a video like 6 months ago called “Murder Me” and we got a song with Nef Tha Pharaoh if you haven’t heard it check it out on YouTube. For me and Moe we just dropped ah 🔥🔥🔥🔥 video called “Out the Bitch” ft Messowe. It was shot by Conner Limbocker aka Filthiest Productions. You will hear features from Mikey Vegas and Moe on Eark Over Everything Pt2.

503tv: You’ve dropped one mixtape, Eark Over Everything and it’s getting some good reviews. What was your inspiration for the mixtape and how does it feel to know the world now has access to your art?

Eark: I dropped ma very first video last year Called “10 Brands” and it’s doing stupid numbers right now it’s at like 64k. Check it out if you haven’t already but seeing that let me know I had it and I see everybody on every social media slapping ma shit. Makes me wanna keep coming with it an that’s what Ima do.

503tv: You are young with a lot of potential but also, admittedly very active in the streets. How far would you like to take this music thing?

Eark: I’m tryna take it as far as it can go not too many people could be able to speak for that section but I know I do .The streets is always gone be there I’m on this music but Ima always be me when it come to any situation!!!!

503tv: Name a Portland artist that you’ve never worked with but would like to collab with and why?

Eark:  I ain’t really looking for nobody in the town to do ah song with I’m just really tryna perfect ma craft right now!!!

So there you have it. Another young brotha full of potential. Be sure to support his music and rock out with him on social media.  Shot out to his pops Big Eark. Because of him, my older cousins and uncles I was able to maneuver in these streets with no problems. By maneuver.. I mean go to class and play sports 🙂 #EarkGang




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