Local Talent Spotlight: Germaine Jordan [Interview]

My guy Sam Thompson convinced me to play in his adult league held at the Salvation Army about a year ago. After not picking up a basketball in a couple years I reluctantly agreed. My reward was to get matched up against Germaine Jordan in one of my first games. Let’s just say we had to reevaluate our strategy and put someone else on the kid, but not before he hit us for 30 plus points. I mean, I held my own but where the hell was the help defense?! I digress, since that day I’ve made a point to find out who the high flyer is and I’d like to introduce him to our readers.

503tv:Tell us a little about your background, Who is Germaine Jordan?

Germaine: I am a Portland kid youngest boy out of 7 I have a Lil sister…. My mom died when I was in 10th grade so my dad & step mom Pernell & Ashley Brown raised me.


503tv: What is your basketball resume?

Germaine: I got cut from Wilson high school freshman & sophomore yr… As a junior played Junior varsity & started varsity as a senior… I was first team all league and runner up for MVP of the PIL but Brian Morris got it that yr… I then went to play at LCC (Lower Columbia Community College) where I average 18 &9 and also won nwacc championship my first year… Second year went back to the finals where I came up short… I played at Dillard university for one year… I then took a break from ball… I then played in the ibl for three years which this year I was averaging 27 11 & 5 and won most improved two yrs in a row… I finally signed my first over seas deal in umeå which is in Sweden. My current contract was made possible because of my teammate Omar krayem who knew my abilities and put me in a position to show the world.2014-award-winners
503tv:How has life overseas been treating you?

Germaine: I love it out here everybody speaks English & the community loves me out here… Couldn’t pick another country to have played for my first year its a blessing I give all praise to god my family who kept me focus and believing In me.


503tv: There has been an increase in gang violence in the city lately. Any message for the community?

Germaine Jordan:I hope our community can come together and show these kids that’s there’s more than violence… I try to be the best role model to my kids Dominick Branch, Demarius Branch & Joseph Adair-Jordan. I hope one day my kids can walk down the street without having to worry about a bullet flying there direction. Please stop the violence. God bless the world.

1910641_691319160940764_1012881769367467539_n503tv: Lastly, what goals do you have for the game of basketball?

Germaine: The goals I have is to break records in Europe and try to win a championship my first year

Well there you have it, another member of our community actively pursuing his dreams and setting an example for where hard work can land you. In his case Sweden..for now.  He’s also given back through coaching our youth, what’s not to love? Salute!





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