Local Talent Spotlight: Tre Simmons of Seattle, WA [Interview]

HuskiesI’ve been a fan of Tre Simmons aka Tre Murder since his playing days at the University of Washington, where he departed as the school record holder in single-season 3-pointers with 80 in 2005. My first official introduction to him was on a hot summer day in August. Tre was a few hours away from getting married to my childhood friend and Jefferson High classmate Creseta Simmons. Creseta has always been supportive of 503tv and insisted that we make the drive up to Seattle to take photos and help capture her special day. I walked into Tre’s hotel around 3pm. As I got off the elevator I realized that I forgot his room number, as I pulled out my phone to give him a ring I heard Mac Dre blasting from a nearby room with several voices singing along. I walked in to see him and his groomsmen enjoying themselves as if there was no wedding to prepare for, they were singing, dancing and reminiscing on old times.

On a side note, his groomsmen, including Jamal Crawford and Will Conroy would give your favorite team’s back court work!


After introducing myself to the groom I was shocked at how calm and collected he was. Apparently that isn’t just his on-court demeanor, that’s who he is. A gamer, unafraid of the big moment. That could not have been clearer than when he came to Portland Community College over the summer for the I-5 showdown and gave the Portland team 35 points on his way to victory in front of a raucous home crowd.Truth be told, he wasn’t even going to play in that game. However, after seeing the crowd and the fact that the Portland team won the first game decisively (there were two Portland teams and two Seattle teams), he had to rep for his city.


We were fortunate enough to catch up with Tre for a quick interview so our readers could hear from the man himself.

503tv: For those that aren’t familiar with you can you share your basketball resume with us?

Tre: Man it’s pretty long. I played for University of Washington from 03-05 before was a tough journey. But that’s another story. But I been playing overseas for 8 yrs.. I have 2 championships in Israel (back to back on different teams), I have 2 back to back championships in Czech Republic, 2 Czech cups also, I have a European championship also when I played with Aaron Miles last year (MVP of the finals). My journey has been pretty good.


503tv: Growing up in Seattle what hoopers did you look up to?

Tre: If your talking about Seattle hoopers I always looked up to Jamal Crawford in high school, Doug Wrenn was a beast too.. My cousin Antwine Williams, he played with Jason terry in high school. But I didn’t take hoop seriously until the 11th grade so I really didn’t care too much.

503tv: You have been a professional basketball player for years now. How does it feel to be able to provide for your family doing what you love? Is or has the NBA ever been a goal of yours?

Tre: It feels great to provide for my loved ones sometimes it’s overwhelming haha but it’s all good. I really didn’t care about going to the NBA or nothing my goal was to just have a good job and take care of my family.

503tv: How is life overseas? What do you find the toughest about it?

Tre: life overseas is way different than back home. Sometimes u go to the store and can’t find what u looking for haha.. Craving for places that u have back home that isn’t here. This ain’t for everybody, and everybody can’t do what we do.. The hardest part is being away from ur family, but I been doing it for so long I’m use to it.. My family comes and visits so it’s ok.


503tv: We couldn’t interview you without bringing up the Portland/Seattle rivalry, what is your impression of the rivalry and and how it has helped to shape NW basketball.

Tre: Man honestly I wasn’t even going to play in that game but I seen the atmosphere and it just took me in, I love playing in environments like that, I think these rivalry games will show the rest of the country we got as much talent as anywhere else. I think the northwest will be more recognized sooner than later.

We’d like to thank Tre for agreeing to this interview. We’re most impressed with the fact that playing ball doesn’t define him. He’s a good dude that happens to be really good at basketball. As a Northwest representative we salute him and want nothing but the best for him and his family.



Local Talent Spotlight: Smurf Luchiano [Interview]

In this spotlight we’re profiling 2 Real Records Exec Smurf Luchiano.


503tv: For the few people that may not be familiar with you can you give us a brief background?

 Smurf: I am Smurf Luchiano the founder of 2 Real Records with 3 of my family members which was established, and started doing business out of portland in 1997. I also started a rap Group GOTM  it stands for “Gangsters On The Move” with Dt the Mouthpiece and Infamous 1Moe. We had a video shot to the song “heavy on the grind” which can be viewed on YouTube. 1998 i was indicted on federal drug charges,and in state court for Being a part of an unlawful organization the “KERBY “BLOCC CRIPS.i was incarcerated for two years fighting the cases. One ended in acquittal after a two month trial in federal court. The other ended with two years time severed and 2 years probation. During my two year stint another member in the group Infamous 1 Moe was found guilty for a Robbery Murder. He is serving a 20 year sentence. At the time of my arrest we had just released the GOTM album “Coming for the Goods”. It was distributed by “City Hall” records out of California,they also distributed the popular bay area artist Mac Dre,C-Bo and more. After my release in 2000, “2 real records” released the double disk “Guilty til Proven Innocent” which was a compilation that featured  artist E40, GOTM, Brotha Lynch,and more in 2001 and “Double Jeopardy “album in 2004 that had songs from Mac Dre, Meezilini,kid Frost,Messy Marv. Cool Nutz and more. While the label waited for the release of its newest artist Meezilini Da Bank’Roll who was in federal custody for gun charges. Over some chest games and life talks Smurf Luchiano signed then Mark Miles to the label “2Real Records “as Meezilini Da Bank’Roll. After his release and the loss of “Infamous one Moe”. Meezilini was suppose to fill the void in the group  “GOTM” the label refocused and dropped Meezilini as a solo artist and his first project was “Meezilini” the “Voice of the streets” album in 2005 with the single produced by “BOSKO “”WE WANT MEEZI” the album also featured Suga Free, Guce, Game,Killa Tay. Meezilini currently has his video “XOXO” in rotation on MTV Jams. The label lifted its roots and started doing business based outta Las Vegas,while still bringing shows to the northwest. In 08 “Meezilini” dropped the “No Deal” the standoff  mixtape witch Featured Mikey Vegaz, Six, and Mitchy Slick. In 2009 Tom Olsen released the documentary “Killingsworth” that featured Smurf Luchiano. In turn “2Real RECORD” decided to release the score and the Soundtrack to the DVD also titled “Killingsworth”. The Killingsworth project was awarded several awards for the documentary, As well as a award at “Westcoast  Hip Hop Awards” .in 2011 “Meezilini Da Bank’Roll” awarded Oregon artist of the year. In 2013 Meezilini Da Bank’Roll released “Inked up Iced out” on coast2coast records/2real records. Signed to “ROSEVILLE MONEY BAG BOYZ Management ” promoting the album along sides of Rich da factor, J.Stalin,Guce,Philthy Rich to name a few.  Meezilini Da Bank’Roll is currently on tour booking shows with “Pinky “the Porn star.  2014 is set to be a big year for the label for artist and the town. Smurf Luchiano is currently enrolled at Mt hood community college for integrated media,and has formed Pirates eye media. I have been shooting videos as well as i have just recently finished writing a book about my life story ,its still untitled.and another documentary.


503tv: We understand that you’ve recently undergone an operation, can you tell us a little about that and how the recovery process is going?

Smurf: I just had a hip replacement. From a previous gun shot that occurred back 1989, i was 17 at the time. The recovery is going well but painful, for the last 10 years i been in chronic pain my hip and femur were bone on bone with no cartilage. Its now a titanium hip. Im expected to be in rehab 8 months.

503tv: From the outside looking in you seem to have made many transformations is your life. How did you go from being a gang member to a music mogul?

Smurf: My transformation came because music has always been my outlet of stress, happiness ,fear and more. Being in a gang was a matter of economic standings and getting the chance to mature over the years from a boy to a man,from a member on the set to a member of the community,as well as a father of 4.

503tv: Over the years you’ve been able to attract top talent on the coast for features and shows. Is that a matter of money talking or is it more a function of relationships you’ve built?

Smurf: Me bringing talent to my shows is a matter of usually long years of being none to bring good shows to the northwest,the promotion usually takes care of most the monies needed to facilitate a show. 

503tv: What can we expect from you and your camp in 2014?





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