Please Donate to the Jamilah Cash Fund

One of our own really needs our help. This young lady could be any one of us and any support you could provide for her and her family will be greatly appreciated. CLICK HERE to make a donation via

Below is some background on Jamilah and her situation written by her sister Jasmine Hudson.


“28 year old Jamilah Cash, a native of Portland, OR, needs the home-grown love, prayers and her community support to move through what has become a trying financial, physical and emotional journey for her and her family. Jamilah is a loyal and devoted mother, significant other, sister, daughter, aunt and loved one. Currently an Atlanta resident, she is strongly connected to Self Enhancement Inc., and is a graduate of both Jefferson High School and Oregon State University. 

Jamilah was hospitalized prior to the birth of her healthy and beautiful daughter, Arielle on Thursday, September 26. Hours later Jamilah began to experience a variety of medical challenges. As Arielle adjusted normally, her mother’s health worsened. Shortly after giving birth, Jamilah experienced additional traumatic medical complications.

Support for Jamilah’s recovery and supplies for baby Arielle have depleted our families’ resources. We are asking your support in covering on-going medical and basic living expenses, as her condition prevents her from returning to work.

Please give what you can, whether in prayers, donations or positive thoughts. All support is welcome. Make cash or check contributions to any Wells Fargo Branch to “The Jamilah and Arielle Fund.”

Chef Boy-R-Bangerz – Chef Boy Sh*t

The Chef Boyz dropped some heat over the holidays. In case you missed it..


Video by Production23
Shot and Directed by Renea Hisey
Edited by Davied Kelly

Beat Produced by Rob Banger (Facebook Rob Bangerz)

Scratches by the World famous DJ Chill aka Chillest Illest

Song off the Chef Boy R Bangerz album titled “Money Hungry”


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