Local Biz Spotlight: Love Lee Hair

Siyonna Webb - Founder of Love Lee Hair
Siyonna Webb – Founder of Love Lee Hair

If you’re at all active on social media you have probably heard of the young lady that has been taking the synthetic hair business by storm.  Siyonna Webb found something that she was passionate about and was able to carve out a place in a very competitive and lucrative industry.

Love Lee Hair Motto: “When you look good you feel good.  Providing human hair extensions, clip ins, wigs, lashes, bangs & more! Free consultations & samples.  My goal & drive is to encourage women and promote health & beauty”

We had an opportunity to work with Siyonna on a photo shoot and was extremely impressed with her drive.  It could not have been more evident than when we noticed her on her phone conducting business between shots.

We wanted to highlight this  woman because she comes from our community and is making a positive contribution to society. We felt compelled to offer our support and encouragement. Check out Siyonna below modeling her product. For more information, consultations and inquiries email SiyonnaW@gmail.com.

LoveLeeHairCollage_Page000Be sure to check out the video below of the Love Lee Hair launch party held on 4.27.13!loveleehair

Check out photos of the event below. You can CLICK HERE to see more.

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School of Champions, School of Pride!

Team Huddle Prior to 2012 Homecoming Game

We wanted to show some love to the Jefferson Demo Football team.  As some of you probably know they are win-less this season.  They have under gone a lot of changes with a new athletic director,  new coaching staff, graduating seniors and players that have transferred to other schools.  With that said, we make no excuses and point no fingers in regards to their poor performance on the field.  What we would like the youngsters to know is that life is great when life is great, the true test of one’s character is how they respond to adversity.

Demo Alum, let’s do our best to get out and support these young men during the last two games of their season. They need our support now more than ever!  They play their North Portland rivals Roosevelt this Friday 10/19 at Roosevelt at 7pm.   Their last game will be against Benson and former head coach Anthony Stoudamire on Friday 10/28 at 7pm at Marshall.

Let’s do our part to restore this program back to it’s rightful place atop the Portland Interscholastic League.  CLICK HERE to see more photos from the homecoming game.





Photo of The Day


Beaver Stadium is an outdoor college football stadium in University Park, Pennsylvania, United States, on the campus of The Pennsylvania State University. It is home to the Penn State Nittany Lions of the Big Ten Conference since 1960, though some parts of the stadium date back to 1909. The stadium is named for James A. Beaver, a former governor of Pennsylvania (1887–91) and president of the university’s board of trustees.
Beaver Stadium has an official seating capacity of 106,572,making it currently the second-largest stadium in the Western Hemisphere and the fourth-largest in the world.
Beaver Stadium is widely known as one of the toughest venues for opposing teams in collegiate athletics. In 2008, Beaver Stadium was recognized as having the best student section in the country for the second consecutive year.

The stadium is the first to have its interior included in Google Street View.



Fashion Friday Entry by Nyla K. Moore

Nyla K. Moore @Prymadona

This is an opinion piece. No I am not a stylist nor do I work in the fashion industry. But I love fashion, read a lot magazines and follow the careers of professional stylists. This is not for you to agree with, and you don’t have to like it. Just my two cents.

Over the years I have witnessed (and been a part of) so many fashion faux pas that I just might agree with Portland being one of the worst dressed cities! (Travel & Leisure)

Now I know when other parts of the country see Portland, they don’t see the culture I come from but more of the “Keep Portland Weird” culture. Because we already know they are a total mess I will not discuss them. This post is for those that are a part of the urban, African American, black, and hip culture.

For years people have complained that Portland does not have its own fashion scene. They have said that we copy other states and don’t have a mind of our own. I agree and disagree. There is a sort of “Portland look”, which includes nice jeans, Nikes, TOMS, Uggs, North Face and Columbia jackets and runs across all cultures. And then there is the topic of discussion today. I think it is best that we make a list of the wrongdoings of the fashion in Portland. And I will give some pointers on how we can fix this.


1.       Wear your own size, not the size you wish you were.
 Often times I see women dressed nicely but what is holding them back is that their clothes fit inappropriately. You should always prefer that your clothes fit you instead of being too small for you. I understand the logic. You get in the store, they don’t have your size or you don’t want to go the next size up, but we have to lose this idea. Wearing your size will always look better than wishing you were a size eight when you are a size 12. We also need not be afraid of body shapers. I also understand your logic, you don’t want to go home after a night of clubbing to reveal that your Coke bottle shaped body comes unraveled after midnight (like Cinderella) Ha! But if needed we have to. Women have been doing it for centuries why did that stop? It will make your teeny tiny dress look much better on you!

2.       Wearing a weave, doesn’t automatically make you cute.
 Throwing in some tracks (that most times do not match the texture of your own hair) does not make you look better. We all like to improve our look and some may do it by adding hair to our own. I suggest that you first get it done professionally and second that you don’t steer too far from what makes you naturally you. I don’t know many black women that have hair down to their kneecaps or that were born with hair in shades other than black and brown.

3.       Eye shadow doesn’t make it better.
There was a time when the women of Portland rarely wore makeup. We embraced our natural beauty. I miss those days. Because then came the “celebrity look”. All women wearing a beat face of makeup every day all day! Is that you? Because this is me! Aha! But really I think makeup is nice to wear when you are dressing up, to hide uneven skin tone and to enhance your look but when you look like someone else (mainly a clown) I think you need to put the brush down! And the eye shadow is always overdone. Put the brush down and consult a YouTube video so you can learn to BLEND BITCH! And lastly, let us all agree we will not cut our eyebrows off only to draw them on again. Get them properly shaped and if need be fill them in but we can’t possibly all have the same dark ass eyebrows! (I can’t wait for mine to grow back…sigh.)

4.       There is a difference between a day look and a night look.
 Let’s make this clear: a day look is something you wear to your day job, something you wear when attending to your kids, something you wear while shopping, something you wear to a BBQ. It is not the same as a night look, something you wear to a party, something you wear on date night, something you wear for drinks out with the girls. And yes a look can go from day to night but it almost always requires some updates. You may change your shirt or pants, put on different shoes, add a jacket or accessory, change your hair, update your makeup. But you should never go from your child’s birthday party to your friend’s (night) birthday party in the same fit. Not only because you look out of place but because now I’m wondering did you even shower in between?

And for later….

1.       You are not a rapper.
2.       When designer goes wrong.
3.       Pull up your pants.
4.       Fauxhawks are out and so are braids.
Nyla K. Moore

Last Thursday on Alberta Street 7.26.12

Over the last 13 years, Last Thursday on Alberta has developed organically, from what was originally a visual art event aimed at promoting the street’s art galleries, into an amorphous celebration of art in all its forms. The monthly event has become increasingly popular and, in recent years, has been attended by thousands of people, particularly in the warm weather months. (Info from Last Thursday On Alberta Facebook Page).

Mississippi Street Fair July 2012

The annual Mississippi Ave. Street Fair is a community-building event that celebrates the neighbors, businesses and organizations that make  their home in the Mississippi Avenue neighborhood (from N. Fremont  to N. Skidmore on Mississippi Ave). The event honors history and  tradition while embracing diversity and sustainability.

The event is brought to you by the Historic Mississippi Ave Business Association (HMBA) & the Boise Neighborhood Association (BNA). A portion of the proceeds goes to Boise-Eliot Elementary and the Boise Business Youth Unity Project.

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Showcasing Portland Oregon Hip Hop & More!