Gem Starks – “Koolin” Featuring K.M. (Includes Free Download)

We at 503tv got turned on to this song today and wanted to share it. Dope song and great visuals. Below is the Youtube video description.

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Koolin – by Gem Starks featuring K.M.
Producer: ID Labs
Director: Martin Van Londen

Description: This music video takes place in the beautiful City of Roses aka Portland, OR. This is my first invite for anyone who has never been to the northwest but, find themselves pondering the life of locals. Come be my shadow for a minute as K.M., my posse and I take you on a trip.

The Greatest Toy Drive Ever II w. Maniac Lok x Drae Steves x Juma Blaq x Stevo x 6ix x Monsta x


The Northwest Breakout Show Presents:
The Greatest Toy Drive Ever Concert Series
& Gift Drive
Maniac Lok & Drae Steves x Juma Blaq x Steveo x 6ix x Monsta
Hosted by Cool Nutz
Friday October 11th, 2013
The Blue Monk 3341 SE Belmont St Portland, OR 97214
8PM 21&Over $7 General Admission $3 With Gift Donation
Benefiting the families of Self Enhancement Inc.

Wanted to let you know about our upcoming Toy/Gift Drive Concert Series that will be taking place on October 11th, November 8th and December 14th. We are working hard this year to raise awareness for those in need of donations during the holiday season, and would love to have your support on this positive endeavor.

The initial event will be taking place this Friday October 11th at The Blue Monk and will feature performances from Maniac Lok & Drae Steves x Juma Blaq x Steveo x 6ix x Monsta. This is event is 21 & Over and we are looking for all donations of Toys & Gifts to benefit families of Self Enhancement Inc and others in need.

Any support from your respective entity, group, or organization is greatly appreciated, as we are using the platform of hip-hop to give back to those in need. Feel free to get back to me with any questions that you might have regarding this great series of hip-hop shows and gift drives.

Click Here for the Event Invitation and for more information.

#Supportland..Remember that?




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    The purpose of this post isn’t to point fingers or dwell on a problem, it’s to try to begin the discussion of how to bring about change. Problem: overall, we as Portland artists (of all kinds) do not show one another enough support. Why? In my opinion it is because we have been conditioned to believe that there is not enough for us all to eat. In our minds when one of us is winning they’re limiting our opportunities to do the same, better yet, they’re taking food off our plates. It’s not because Portland people are bread to hate or to be bitter, it’s because we haven’t seen enough of us succeed to realize that opportunities are plentiful. Which is ironic because I truly believe we haven’t seen enough of us succeed because we don’t support one another. See where I’m going with this? Right, it’s a vicious cycle.

    If you were hoping to read this post and find that evasive quick fix then let me apologize, I just hope we can all agree on the issue and slowly begin to show love in our own ways. Before Scarface I knew nothing about Houston or southern Hip Hop. But because those from his city and region supported him and others like him the south has been flooding the radio airways for years now.


    One powerful tool that I know we personally are under utilizing is social media. A “like” goes a long way, re-posts and shares go even further. We’re not looking to start a “movement” let’s just do better.

    By the way, thanks for reading our blog 😉



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