Fatherhood Series: Antone Jarrell



#DaddyActive is 503tv’s new campaign promoting and celebrating active fatherhood in our children’s lives. We encourage everyone to use the hashtag #DaddyActive on social networks to acknowledge positive fatherly activity. We realize that there are absentee fathers in our communities however we’d like to see just as much recognition given to the fathers that are taking care of their responsibilities as the condemnation given to those that don’t.


Food Wars 4 Can Food Drive a Success!

On Friday July 1st Jessie Sponberg aka Ozone held the 4th Annual Food Wars can food drive at the Bossanova Ball Room. This was the first time 503tv had the honor of being in attendance and we were floored by the response from local hip hop artist and their fans.  All food collected went to feed local families in need via Impact Northwest.  We salute Ozone for using his influence to organize and help the less fortunate.

The GET INTO THE GAME Initiative

The GET INTO THE GAME Initiative in partnership with Multnomah County Library is engaging young black males to read by PAYING THEM TO READ. YES PAYING THEM. $50 per book if they meet all the requirements. The requirements will be for them to complete lessons and activities that go with the book online. The lessons will give students thought-provoking insight about the book and questions that will help students prepare for their state reading test. The books and text will teach our young men black history and will be relevant to their lives!  To find out more check out the Journey To Freedom website.

King Truck Ent’s 1-Week Dance Workshop a Success!

Freddie Long Jr. Ceo of King Truck Entertainment recently held a 1-week dance workshop for youth held at the Center for Self Enhancement.  During that week he taught the students choreography and gave them the opportunity to audition for a video in which they’d not only get a chance to strut their stuff but have to compete for their roles in preparation for the “real world” of dance.

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